DC Vapefest 2014

After the event

Being relatively new to the vape scene as vapers and business owners we were unsure what to expect, arriving moderately late we checked in, dropped our bags in the room, grabbed some fresh batteries and off to the event hall to pick up our tickets. Entering the event, “vapetopia” was definitely the first impression, giving way to being wowwed we can vape without everyone asking what the hell are you doing, normally when we are out in public we try not to bring alot of attention to the fact we are vaping (stealth vape mode, the act of emitting a comparative amount of vape to a cigarette in places where smoking is permitted) and then if asked gladly explaining vaping. Next was all the juice vendors and mod makers from all over the country along with a few international manufacturers, we had such an amazing time talking with everyone and getting to meet the owners and representatives from companies we already do business with and ones we are looking forward to doing business with in the future. Some time later we found some articles written about DC Vapefest 2014 in The Washington Post  on March 23, 2014, VapeMagazine on June 19, 2014 and Washingtonian  thought you might enjoy.

DC Vapefest 2014 was a great experience and would like to thank our customers for affording us the opportunity to be apart of it.


Original Post on March 20 2014

We will be closed Friday, March 21 and Saturday, March 22 to attend DC Vapefest. For tickets and information please go to www.vapefest.com. Stop by on Monday, March 24 and try out our new flavor of the week Jamaican Rum by Sirius Vapors along with over 70 other flavors that we carry from Bumble Bee Vapors, Mountain Oak Vapors, Baker White & Halo.